About US

Our history

Hello we are Chocolate Fusion!
We are a company that has been producing artisanal chocolate from the farm to the bar since 2010.
Family business founded by my husband Esteban Castro and myself Jessica Rojas.
We both grew up in the field where our grandparents cultivated or knew this wonderful fruit, many years later God gave us the gift of crossing in this life to embark on the wonderful and delicious world of chocolate, together we began to study and read more about cocoa and we saw the great need to bring to the market a high quality product that will also contribute to the environment and the health of those who consume it.
We managed to understand that every time we made small batches of cocoa we obtained a chocolate full of unique flavors that we could not find in any candy store.
We wanted to share all this with you, that’s why we started to make chocolate with high quality cocoa, cocoa from one of our producers Daniel South de Limón and another part harvested on our own farm where our fermentation and drying processes with solar panels are key processes for the development of a good flavor are adequately effected.
Through the years we have grown and worked hard to get where we are now, living a wonderful dream, doing what we love and what fills our soul.
Our mission is within the framework of fair trade to educate people to enjoy the incredible world of chocolate by providing top quality products handcrafted with a lot of love.
That is why we invite you to live and experience our Costa Rican roots.
With love the Chocolate Family!

Meet our team

Esteban Castro R
Founder, chocolatier, lover of his roots, which led him to learn and experience the wonderful world of cocoa and the process that comes from the hands of our grandparents who taught us how to produce a true chocolate with sustainable production. Now he is not only the person who innovates our products but also the one who decided to share his knowledge with those who visit us in our cocoa plantation and chocolate tour.

Jessica Rojas B
Founder, chocolatier, lover of life and all that it brings us, she is passionate about leaving a little piece of the heart of this family in every detail and that you can feel it in each chocolate we make.

Mathías Castro R
Is 3 years old
Our little son, a beautiful boy full of magic and sparkle in his eyes that God gave us, is always asking people if they need help. He has a beautiful smile that makes his cheeks pop, he loves to play in the water and walk.